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[etch] configuring bluetooth for linux2gsm communication

... desktop computer running etch. I've ran into several how-to's and here is what I've done so far: - installed packages from debian repos - started bluetooth /etc/init.d/bluetooth start - scanned for devices hcitool scan Scanning ... 00:1A:8A:DE:A5:E9 SGH-E250 - phone was detected correctly it is ...
by suchy
2007-05-18 19:12
Forum: System configuration
Topic: [etch] configuring bluetooth for linux2gsm communication
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bluetooth and mobile phone tools in Etch

hi, as i looked there are still no gnome-bluetooth and gnome-phone-manager packages in Etch. Are there any unofficial repositaries for them or do i have to compile it from sources, or are there any similar tools in etch for sending/recieveing ...
by pit
2007-05-14 19:42
Forum: Desktop & Multimedia
Topic: bluetooth and mobile phone tools in Etch
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Bluetooth mouse in Etch: is it supported?

Hello everybody!

I ordered new laptop (T43p), and it has a built-in Bluetooth module. I want to use it, and I would like to buy a mouse. Does anybody have an experience in using a Bluetooth-mouse under Etch? If so, how does Etch treat it? As USB devices?

Thanks in advance,

by DebianUser_HH
2007-04-01 18:55
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Bluetooth mouse in Etch: is it supported?
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Question on Bluetooth

I have a Motorola V350 cellphone that has a built-in bluetooth support. When I turned it on and did a [Look for Devices] , my debian v4 responded with the following: Device Discovery Info Discovery Time: Sat Mar 17 18:43:08 EDT 2007 Bluetooth Device ...
by debian
2007-03-17 23:11
Forum: General Questions
Topic: Question on Bluetooth
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Problem with USB-Bluetooth + Nokia GPS

Hi, I'm trying to use a Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth GPS device with Debian. I compiled the kernel myself in order to get Bluetooth support and that seems to be working now. In my other computer that runs Ubuntu I have used this post successfully ...
by dotsi
2007-02-18 18:25
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Problem with USB-Bluetooth + Nokia GPS
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Bluetooth mouse wheel problems

hi everyone i recently bought an bluetooth mouse. the mouse itself works, but not the wheel (and not the other buttons). interestingly xev doesn't recognize wheel-events. also cat /dev/input/mice won't tell me anything when probing for wheel ...
by tomhet
2007-02-06 14:53
Forum: Desktop & Multimedia
Topic: Bluetooth mouse wheel problems
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Automatic Bluetooth Mouse Script

i was hoping that i could write a perl script that would automatically configure my bluetooth mouse and make it work each time. the commands i need to type are "hcidtool scan" and then as root "hidd --server" followed by "hidd --connect " followed by my mouses address. ...
by Neelosh
2006-12-07 02:54
Forum: Programming
Topic: Automatic Bluetooth Mouse Script
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hi what kind of bluetooth software for desktop is available in sarge r4? i'm using gnome but as i know gnome-bluetooth is not included in sarge. my attempts to compile sources from failed. libbctl ...
by pit
2006-11-29 09:39
Forum: Desktop & Multimedia
Topic: gnome-bluetooth
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bluetooth and mobile phone

I'm trying to connect my debian box and mobile phone via bluetooth. I've been messing around with a couple of command line tools (hcitool and hidd) with promising results but no real success. I have another linux box that runs Fedora Core4. There is ...
by ctucker10
2006-11-19 17:34
Forum: Hardware
Topic: bluetooth and mobile phone
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Bluetooth & Nokia cellphone

Hi, I don't know is best forum for this question, but don't know any better. My problem is that I can't get Bluetooth working with my cellphone on Debian testing. I just bought used Nokia 6260 (S60) cellucar phone and Prodige bluetooth-dongle. A Dongle is easily installed and ...
by jad
2006-10-28 10:59
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Bluetooth & Nokia cellphone
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Odd X Behavior (Possibly related to Bluetooth Mouse)

Making the switch from Ubuntu to Debian. Donwloaded Etch net install .iso and went to work. Everything seemed to go smoothly (except GRUB installation -- but that's another issue for another post) until I rebooted into the fresh install. Didn't boot into X or display the GDM. Instead it gave me a bl...
by Roger Mudd
2006-09-15 03:15
Forum: Desktop & Multimedia
Topic: Odd X Behavior (Possibly related to Bluetooth Mouse)
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