Installing System-config-samba

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Installing System-config-samba

Postby rmcellig » 2013-05-07 10:13

I use this GUI app alot when I was using Ubuntu. Very simple to use. I want to use it in my new Debian 7 xfce install. My understanding is that I would have to build a deb from source to allow me to use this app? If this is the case, what is the best (easiest) way to do this. I saw some videos in Youtube but I'm not sure if things have changed with the new Debian 7. I have never used Debian before so if possible, go easy on me :)
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Re: Installing System-config-samba

Postby Soapm » 2013-05-10 01:21

I never used Ubuntu but see if gadmin-samba is what you're looking for.
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Re: Installing System-config-samba

Postby verahill » 2013-05-10 06:30

Look here for build instructions:

In brief, download the source code and patch from canonical (it's a redhat tool though -- not made by canonical), extract and apply the patch, then build with debhelper, create a dummy /etc/libuser.conf, and install.
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tar xvf system-config-samba_1.2.63.orig.tar.gz
gunzip system-config-samba_1.2.63-0ubuntu5.diff.gz
patch -p0 < system-config-samba_1.2.63-0ubuntu5.diff
cd system-config-samba-1.2.63/
dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us
sudo dpkg -i ../system-config-samba_1.2.63-0ubuntu5_all.deb
sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf
gksu system-config-samba

It seems a bit slow though.
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Re: Installing System-config-samba

Postby davekimble » 2015-06-24 06:31

After weeks of wrestling with Gadmin-samba with no success, and using system-config-samba without trouble on my Ubuntu boxes, if finally decided to take the plunge and follow verahill's commands to build system-config-samba on my RaspberryPi 1 with Raspian (Debian Wheezy).

It worked ! Some dependencies were missing, but were all in the Debian repository.
On running system-config-samba, the old gadmin smb.conf was backed up and a new copy created, which contained all sorts of weird shares that I suppose I had tried before, and some lines it flagged it didn't understand and I commented out. After tidying that up I created a new share without problems.

Thank you so much for that. :D
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Re: Installing System-config-samba

Postby RoundByte » 2018-04-12 03:00

Sadly, looks like the needed dependency python-central is lost at sea, here: So building system-config-samba goes down with it.
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