Samba 4 Bind Reverse Zone Records

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Samba 4 Bind Reverse Zone Records

Postby dusfer » 2014-04-24 21:10

Hey Guys,

I built my samba4 package from source and everything seems to be working great. I used bind9_DLZ as my dns back end and all the forward zones and records seem to be there. My only issue is the forward zone was not created. If I create it using samba-tools it places ONE of my dc's(2) records in there automatically.

The problem/concern is when adding records via RSAT, I tick create associated pointer and it gives no error but no PTR record is created in the reverse zone. Is this just something not supported or maybe there is something that I have missed. Relatively new to samba, been on Linux for about 4 years now.

Let me know,
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