live-build, how to add package?

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live-build, how to add package?

Postby urello » 2015-09-10 21:52

I've used live-build tools in order to build my own live-usb image with custom logo, custom bootmenu and custom packages (i need gparted, tcpdump and hping in addition to basic set). The custom logo and bootmenu are working perfectly :lol: However, above mentioned packages are not presented in system after i've booted from my image. According to the manual, i added packages names to config/package-lists/live.list.chroot before build. Furthermore, i tried another approach:
- purged all
- added --interactive shell arg to lb config
- dowloaded required debs and its depencies
- after got chrooted shell, copied all debs to chrooted location and installed via dpkg -i *.deb
Both ways gave me no success. Desired packages are missing in live system. Can i get any help?
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