How to make this work? cnee --first-last.

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How to make this work? cnee --first-last.

Postby b4w » 2015-09-15 15:12

CNEE(1) General Commands Manual says this.
RECORD OPTIONS --first-last Print only first and last of multiple successive MotionEvent.
So I try this. my test window is Calculator 3.14.1
cnee --record --mouse --keyboard --time 5 --store-mouse-position --first-last --stop-key h -o xnee.xns -e xnee_record.log -v;
The result is, xnee.xns lists every mouse movement.
But I only need to record the mouse location when there is a mouse button event.
it seems --first-last does not work. How can I make it work?
I use
hardware HP pavillion 20.
The only avalible resolution is 1600x900.
/etc/debian_version 8.1
GNOME Terminal 3.14.1
xnee 3.19
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