Debian8.2 can not boot into CLI

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Debian8.2 can not boot into CLI

Postby zhfreal » 2015-10-14 04:03

I have debian8.2 installed in VMware 12 with gnome desktop as guest os.

It boot into gnome successfully. But it will not boot into CLI mode and recovery mode. While boot into CLI, It is stucked in a blank screen, no cursor, after long long boot log splash in the screen.
To boot into CLI rather than gnome, I just set into for systemd. I checked the syslog for boot into CLI, found that systemd execute getty 1~6, but it seemed to no success log and it seem to no other log for systemd. Is it failed to getty?

I check the and in systemd, find is the only one target required by can be execute successfully during boot into graphical mode, while it will not be successfully execute during boot into CLI mode. That's is so unpredicted. Is there something else I missed?
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