How to create working .deb files out of it?

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How to create working .deb files out of it?

Postby pawRoot » 2017-02-25 01:34

Not sure if this should be in here or Programming section, anyway I've installed Infinality
by following this guide:

After building it, you get 2 files


But then it's impossible to install them using Gdebi (GUI version), because these 2 files depend on each other from what i understand, I was only able to install them by using:

# Install all the .deb files
cd ../
sudo dpkg -i \
freetype-infinality/*.deb \

Now the question, how can i get installer/package (.deb) out of it that will not require terminal usage?
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Re: How to create working .deb files out of it?

Postby milomak » 2017-03-04 11:44

see here

iirc you can edit the rules file for what dependencies should be looked for. (edit - the control file as steve points out below)

might be helpful if you paste here what the actual gdebi output is as well.
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Re: How to create working .deb files out of it?

Postby stevepusser » 2017-03-04 21:47

As far as I know, dependencies are set in the debian/control file, most of them are added automatically by dh_shlibs replacing "shlibs:Depends" by querying the finished binaries of packages like this one, but this circular one is probably added manually.. You could also set up some complicated system where dependencies are also generated by some code in the rules file interacting with some test files, but that gets beyond me quickly.
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Re: How to create working .deb files out of it?

Postby Dai_trying » 2017-03-05 10:02

I use Q4OS a lot and one of the things it has available is the ability to create custom installers (these are q4os specific) but when it creates them it also creates a single .deb file which I use for installing to my plain debian systems. It is not perfect and might not be worth installing another os (although you can do it in Virtualbox) but it is one possible solution.
This Q4OS forum post has a little information that may help.
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