Networking Problem... VBox???

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Networking Problem... VBox???

Postby millpond » 2017-03-29 18:53

My system is wired as follows:
--Comcast-->Modem/Router/ ---->>Linksys/Router/NAT ------->> Local Network

With this setup My Win7/XP system with their Linux dual boots have been able to live amiably together. I am in the process of getting CIFS working across everything, but needed to get some bugs ironed out. Win7 has Homegroup services disabled.

Problems started on the newer 64 bit Linux system, which was mirrored in the Win7 sister boot. It was firing up with an IP of 192.168.56.x - well out of the shadowing range of the Linksys. Both boots were only seeing the Comcast router, which somehow was being provided a 192. rather than a 10. numeric address. Networking on that machine was thoroughly putzed. Internet worked fine.

Somehow my suspicions as to cause are leaning to VBox, which has installed its own routing table entries.
It appears to be influencing non-VM networking. Has anyone run into anything similar - and is there a solution to the problem.

The temp solution here was to disable the Comcast modem/router and fire up the system. It now takes a dynamic address of 192.168.0.xx. -BUT- the 192.168.56.xx is still in the routing tables.
The machine is still having problems networking - its slow at configuring, but can now see most of the network at least. (Comcast has been turned back on).

The obvious solution would be to go to fixed local IPs on the machines, but this has in the past presented its own set of problems....
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Re: Networking Problem... VBox???

Postby Segfault » 2017-03-29 20:30

I've never done double NAT, so i have no experience with such a setup. IMHO doing double NAT is not beneficial in any way. You could put your modem into bridge mode and do NAT in your router or you could do NAT in your modem and use your router as a plain switch and wireless access point.
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Re: Networking Problem... VBox???

Postby millpond » 2017-03-29 21:47

Double NAT allows me some fleibility here. For example at times I disconnect my main machine and plug it right into the modem/router. There is a significant increase in download speed. Plus on THAT router I permit UPnP (disallowed on the network router). I absolutely dont want to DMZ the machine when i directly connect to the primary NAT. I normally put it back on the second router afterwards.

The second NAT gives me an extra layer of protection, as I do have a wireless Win10 laptop connected to the primary modem/router. That machine should never see the network. Its stripped to the bones, and looks like XP - but i simply do not trust it.

The systems here do seem pretty impervious to port scans, which dlead me to believe that a second NAT *does* help. However, in fairness, networking is not one of my strong points - so always open to suggestions....
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