Bug sound bar

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Bug sound bar

Postby bloodaxe » 2017-04-14 10:14


I'm on debain stretch XFCE 4.12.3, and often i have the sound bar notification appear at the upper right of the screen, i haven't press the sound key, it's weird.


If someone have an idea or have the same bug

Thanks a lot
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Re: Bug sound bar

Postby debiman » 2017-04-15 04:33

testing is testing and therefore not stable.

as a workaround (and if your sound is fine otherwise) i suggest disabling notifications completely.
somewhere in the xfce settings.
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Re: Bug sound bar

Postby Dai_trying » 2017-04-15 06:17

I have noticed that occasionally this happens with my Stretch + Xfce install and when it does happen I think it is because a package adjusts some sound setting, usually if (for instance) a media player remembers volume level and adjusts it whenever it is started.
I'm not saying this would be correct behavior or not, but it seems like the (a) reason for it.
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