How do I sync Outlook via LTE

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How do I sync Outlook via LTE

Postby EricaWillms » 2017-04-21 15:21

Hi all!
So I have this issue with syncing Outlook using LTE. I am an Outlook power user for years and I have this app for syncing notes, contacts and calendar events with my phone. Before I was using an iPhone 6 and everything was syncing normally, but now after buying an iPhone 7 plus I'm having difficulty syncing. I did everything shown in this video guide: , but it sort of looks a bit outdated and it's confusing. The thing is that the syncing process is happening only when I'm connected to a wifi. When I outside and want to sync with an LTE nothing happens. I guess the issue is either in O2 network connection settings or I'm at fault and did something incorrectly during the installation process. I want to know if I should skip some steps during the installation or I don't know something else? I'm grateful for your help beforehand.
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Re: How do I sync Outlook via LTE

Postby arochester » 2017-04-21 15:33

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How does your question relate to Debian?
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