xrdp font size

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xrdp font size

Postby PavloM » 2017-04-30 14:48


I use computer for few tasks, and want to be on different work environments for each of them. For this purpose I have Windows 7 host with VirtualBox on it. The VirtualBox have some bug, so I want to use virtual machines over RDP (I mean Microsoft remote desktop tool). Now about Debian :)

I want one of virtual workstations be Debian. I did it with debian-8.7.1-amd64, and set it with "Default Xsession" (choose this at login page). I know this is Xfce actually, as I see the "About Xfce" entry in "Applications menu". This works great I just set different colors scheme and font from Applications menu - Settings - Settings manager - Appearance. I set up Java 8, MySQL, Eclipse etc stuff i need to work, and next tried remote access, but here I get a problem.

I found xrdp should give me remote access and this works, but just one thing, the font smaller than I need to work with. The settings in Applications menu - Settings - Settings manager - Appearance have no effect on font size. I connected with sesman-Xvnc and sesman-X11rdp. Same effect - font size not works.

Now the questions:

- Is it possible to change font size while in RDP connection session over xrdp?

- Is there other remote desktop tool, able to set font size?

- Am I wrong with Xfce? I tried Gnome 3 and KDE, but I not like any of them thoug. The good one for me called MATE, but I cannot set it while login over xrdp, it is possible to choose only on local login.
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