Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core?

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Re: virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends?

Postby phenest » 2017-05-17 19:40

orythem27 wrote:
dasein wrote:He's already on my "ignore list".

Okey doke. ... Goodbye.

Another satisfied customer.
orythem27 wrote:Yes, I am actually able to reproduce OP's problem.
However, there is still more to be investigated. I tried editing out `lxpanel` as a dependency in stretch's lxde-core and rebuilt the package, it still wants to install `termit`. Guess there might be more "hidden" dependency chain that enlists `termit` early in the resolving process.

So if the above theory is actually the case, would that lintian violation in `lxpanel` qualify for bug report?

I tested this out. A clean install of Jessie base system, upgraded to Stretch, and then installed lxde-core. It installed termit instead of lxterminal.
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Re: Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core

Postby debiman » 2017-05-18 06:02

orythem27 wrote:@debiman

No, we are not the same person.

i'm sorry for being slightly too paranoid.
i can now see from your different styles that you cannot be the same person.

@op: ok, you were right. now did you really have to start a dozen threads in many different forums for that? no. and that is the very thing that really pisses people of, to the point where your actual problem does not matter anymore.
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Re: virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends?

Postby orythem27 » 2017-05-18 09:44

orythem27 wrote: I tried editing out `lxpanel` as a dependency in stretch's lxde-core and rebuilt the package....

Turned out that my brain just stopped working for a moment. :oops:
Merely editing out `lxpanel` wouldn't be enough to exclude such a basic component from the dependency chain.

So, from the infomation gathered so far, OP's problem can be 99% pinpointed in the package `lxpanel`'s violation of the above mentioned lintian rule.

Putting those technical irrelevant issues aside, I must say OP has really put a lot of attention to details to reveal the possible cause of a seemingly odd problem.
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Re: virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends?

Postby debiman » 2017-05-19 04:51

orythem27, afaiu you know lbuiyzxl personally because you go to the same LUG? in the PR of China?
i think that's really cool, both personally and politically (the fact that LUGs exist in China).
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