Menu Icons Under MATE (GNOME 2) Question

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Re: Menu Icons Under MATE (GNOME 2) Question

Postby TonyT » 2017-07-03 12:40

Caitlin wrote:Hi Again,

My icon is named applications-emulation.png and is in /usr/share/icons/mate/48x48/categories (where I'm directed to when attempting to change this or some other icon). I didn't restart the user session but (I shut completely down and rebooted) several times and that had no effect.


Put your custom icons in /home/icons and browse for the icon using Mozo.
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Re: Menu Icons Under MATE (GNOME 2) Question

Postby Caitlin » 2017-07-08 18:24

I think there is a list of "approved" icons somewhere. You can substitute one "approved" icon for another, but you can't add to the list.

Or maybe the icons have to be "compiled" into a binary that contains all the icons.

Just adding a .png to the same directory where the others are doesn't seem to do it.

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