Asus TP500LN Screen Orientation

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Asus TP500LN Screen Orientation

Postby SavageAUS » 2017-06-24 07:05

Hi guys, I have a Asus TP500LN laptop with a touch screen that auto rotates (with software and drivers in windows) but with with Debian 9 Gnome in particular when i do a fresh install my screen orientation is wrong. With the laptop sitting in front of me as it should be the login and desktop screens are rotated 90 degrees to the right. I can "fix" the screen temporarily with xrandr but a reboot goes back to wrong orientation. I've tested KDE Plasma and orientation is correct so it must be a Gnome issue? Obviously i would like to run Gnome but would like to be able to apply a permanent fix. Any help appreciated.
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