Debian 9 Stretch & libxp + libxp_dev?

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Debian 9 Stretch & libxp + libxp_dev?

Postby pfbram » 2017-07-02 13:22

I used to maintain a web page on compiling the older astronomy program, XEphem. My instructions worked fine up until Debian 9. It has dependencies on libxp + libxp_dev, but these packages don't appear to exist in the Stretch repo. Are they no longer being maintained, or can they be added?

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Re: Debian 9 Stretch & libxp + libxp_dev?

Postby kedaha » 2017-07-02 13:55

One solution would be to download both Debian 8 (oldstable] libxp6 and libxp-dev directly from Debian_Packages and install them with the gdebi package manager of dpkg -i if you prefer, on Debian 9 when all dependencies are satisfied. Note that you'll need to install libxp6 first. But don't add the oldstable repository!
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