abiword flickering glitch issue

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abiword flickering glitch issue

Postby midish » 2017-07-07 06:01

Hi, now I'm running 32bit debian stretch / i3wm
abiword is having this weird graphical glitch. Everything works so that's the only issue. The abiword "window" starts flickering whenever I focus on it.
I know it was a bug some time ago on lower versions and I think it's solved by now so my problem should be caused by something else. What do you think? :?
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Re: abiword flickering glitch issue

Postby J. Reis » 2017-07-14 22:59

Unfortunately I can't offer you any solutions, but since no one else has chimed in, I feel I should at least add what I can.

I believe I can reproduce this on my system. I installed Abiword from the stable repo on my machine. A Lenovo laptop running Stretch (amd64) with Intel HD 4600 graphics. I don't have a DE installed (like you) just a window manager on top of X (in my case JWM).

When I launch Abiword (3.0.2) the edit region shows a constant series of moving half-inch white bands. Reminds me of an old CRT with very slow refresh. These bands don't effect the menus or toolbars, just the page itself. I assume it has something to do with the document "refreshing". In fact, running Abiword with --gtk-debug=updates shows constant red flashing.

First thing to say: the release notes for Abiword states the following: "We recommend Gtk 3.20.x or earlier. There is a known issue with Gtk 3.22"

3.22.11 is packaged with Stretch, so that is probably the first thing to try. Personally I wasn't invested enough to attempt downgrading to an older version of gtk. Since I don't personally use Abiword.

Additionally, I get the following warnings when I run Abiword, which may be relevant:


There's a lot of bug reports and posts about flickering in recent Abiword versions 3.0.1 up. Some sound a bit different from what I'm seeing (ie needing to type before the flickering begins). Some are still open as of 3.0.2. Here's some possibly relevant posts:

https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates ... ca183cdc57
> seems to indicate a known flickering issue that won't be fixed until 3.0.3

> specifically notes version 3.0.2 additionally indicates sluggishness of the interface, which I did not experience.

> an upstream bug (open) for something similar

That's all I've got. Changing the GTK theme (as advised as a workaround in some cases) did not effect the issue for me. Ultimately I was unable to rectify the situation on my machine.
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Re: abiword flickering glitch issue

Postby kalle123 » 2017-07-15 07:14

Abiword 3.0.2 DEBIAN stretch Xfce 64bit clean here. No issues ...
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