master linked to headphone (pulseaudio and alsa)

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master linked to headphone (pulseaudio and alsa)

Postby cryptoa » 2017-07-14 19:39

So i know this is suppose to be a good feature having the volumes for each hmm channel .... master headphone pcm ETC. to be synced in a way ... however on my system ... changing one channel say headphone ...maxes PCM and master ... i guess i should add that decreasing the same volume in this case headphone will only ever bring the other two [PCM master] down a few notches .. so still at say 95% even if headphone is brought right down to the bottom as if to mute it.

.. now i have been researching for a while i thought it would easy to find, i can't however so i assumed i am looking for the wrong thing .. or it's not something people ask .. or i am doing it the right way already which is by hand. using something like sed would be great if i knew; the sound would still function after -> changing every merge to ignore

So i have managed to un-link the PCM from master by editing a file in /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/ . by guessing actually. And yes the file are labelled however there not labelled correctly on this system.. to my understanding . the .common files are used as like the default. however i have already changed all of the .commons .. and others with the correct names..

Is there an easier way of going about this, rather than reading each one in /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/ and changing them by hand?, or is there something i have missed due to improper searching that i can do with the shell ... such as turning that feature off.

And yes i have alsa installed as well, i use it as a mute channel ... because pulse always starts at 90% volume..

The other solution would be to change the default volume that pulse loads i mean the new stream volume? which i was also trying to find with no luck ... i was looking on the there wiki.. and tried a few searches duckduckgo and google... mostly to do with other issues concerning volume... i did find one other person asking about the links between master and pcm ... but there was no answer ..

Any way if anyone can direct me somewhere useful ... that would be great . for now i'll do it by hand..
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