Advice on CLEANUP.....

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Re: Advice on CLEANUP.....

Postby kedaha » 2017-08-01 07:15

My —admittedly rather boring— advice, which I follow myself, is to only use only one desktop environment and learn as much as possible about it. "Jack of all trades, master of none" as the saying goes. :wink: For instance, I just use the mate desktop and stable and keep packages to a minimum otherwise I can't see the wood for the trees. Even so I still think I should perhaps change to something simpler like LXDE or a window manager but I never get round to it because I'm a bit set in my ways.
You'd probably get the job done sooner by starting afresh.
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Re: Advice on CLEANUP.....

Postby kopper » 2017-08-01 11:25

If you really want the easiest way to clean and minimal system, reinstall and do it the way you want this time, based on what you have already learned. Another option is to get a list of installed packages and start to go through them and check their dependencies before removing the unnecessary ones. This requires that you know or can properly research what each of the packages do and while educational, maybe I'd rather suggest just clean install. Kedaha gave a sound advise to pick a desktop environment and stay with it a while to learn an see what it's really like. If you decide you don't like it, just install another and try that.

ramblin wrote: My 1st question on this forum dealt with getting my desktop to load and I was putting in everything I could find KDE and GNOME. have found some KDE and GNOME utilities I like and have been using.

Your hardware seems rather limited so I'd avoid having tools from different desktop environments in use. This might not be that big of a deal resource-wise, but for consistency I suggest the same than kedaha. Just use one DE and learn to use it well. Basically, every functionality can be done a way or another in all of the desktop environments, so you're really not missing out. If you feel that it doesn't affect your system's performance or you don't care about the space multiple DE potentially wastes, you're of course free to use whatever tools you want. But that's really up to you (and your hardware). Also, having multiple DE's seem to fight against your wish to have minimal system, so picking one would sound reasonable.

ramblin wrote:When running KDE System Monitor, with Firefox up what would be a normal amount of processes running. I`m at 151 which seems a little high to me.

Sounds fine to me but then again, your hardware might think otherwise. I'm sure you feel it under your fingertips when system resources grow inadequate.
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Re: Advice on CLEANUP.....

Postby dasein » 2017-08-01 17:17

(Obligatory preface mentioning my ongoing peeve that the 'ignore' function doesn't work on quoted text.)

But for the benefit of those who may run across this thread on the future...

Folks who overload ancient hardware with high-end, graphically-intensive DEs forfeit the right to complain about slowness. It's really no different than someone complaining that a Model T can't tow a 10-ton load.

Ditto folks who mix DEs. Although nothing forbids starting up, say, both Nautilius and K3B, the two programs load different libraries and thus end up gobbling RAM like it's candy.

Minimal hardware requires minimalist environment. Not exactly rocket surgery.

Taking a WM-only approach is do-able (Fluxbox FTW! :-D), but by the time one adds some sort of file manager, media player, etc. to the mix, there's really very little savings in using only a WM. Happily, plenty of minimalist DE options exist: Xfce, Trinity, etc., ad nauseam.

(P.S. 151 processes is perfectly sensible, particularly in the case of a multi-DE "FrankenDesktop." The vast majority of those processes are sleeping anyway, and thus have minimal/no impact on performance, beyond consuming a few KB of RAM.)
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Re: Advice on CLEANUP.....

Postby ramblin » 2017-08-01 18:16

Guys, I have learned an incredible amount from this thread in the last 2 days. If I only knew this a week ago I would be in a different situation. A week ago this started as a project to try Debian on a low resource machine of which I have many of. The results has far exceeded my expectations. I love the setup and can`t wait to install it on a real machine. I will keep picking piece by piece out with the "packages" utility. It is a great learning experience for me. If I mess it up to bad I will do like kopper says and reinstall based on what I`ved learned. I have another Pentium4 Win XP machine to swap out. I will do a better job on that one. They just stream all day and should be good for that. In the 2 threads I posted I had many replys. People here have really reached out to teach me and I really appreciate it. Thanks for all the info !
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