Where is partman "static files of boot loader" cfg stored?

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Where is partman "static files of boot loader" cfg stored?

Postby Hypex » 2017-08-08 14:40

Hi guys. I'll try and explain this in a clear manner. In the Debian installer, once partman is up running, and you select to mount a partition, one of the selections is for "/boot - static files of the boot loader". Where does it store the mount point and associated text?

I'm customising an installer and wish to change the "/boot" mount point. Replacing the original point with my own or removing it and adding my own would be fine. But how can I do this?

I booted into my present custom installer, went through to partman, so it was all loaded, then dropped to a shell. But I could not find any file any where with that text description. I checked contents of/etc, /lib and all binaries. That may sound like a hard way around it but I searched the net and nothing exact come back. Hardly anything for Debian installer came back and not what I wanted.

I've customised partman settings before where it stored them in /etc and this was easy enough to find but this boot config setting eludes me.

I suspect this is probably a debconf thing. That partman has registered all its stuff. But somehow it's only in memory. And not stored in a file in the initramfs. If it's in one of the partman packages I'd like to know but so far I haven't found it in any and I'd rather not stab in the dark. I'm at a loss. :-?
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