Nautilus doesn't list my windows SSD can't see it in fdisk

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Nautilus doesn't list my windows SSD can't see it in fdisk

Postby kayakillz » 2017-08-19 12:53


I removed my windows 10 hard drive to install debian on my other hard drive as to not get confused and delete all my data by accident. During the installation everything went smooth and as expected. But now I inserted my second SSD wich has windows 10 installed on it for this pc (wich I can't boot with changing Boot order in bios either, not even when I remove debian SSD). Nautilus doesn't show the hard drive either and gparted neither. fdisk - l Only list dev/sda and dev/sdb(my external data HDD) I was planning on doing update-grub but this obviously doesn't work when the computer doesn't recognize it. My Bios does see the SDD but doesn't want to boot into it, "Please insert boot disk and press any key". I don't understand cause I never changed anything to this drive. Does it come from installing the MBR to the other SSD?

Help what do I do?
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