apcupsd shutdown help

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apcupsd shutdown help

Postby egtrev » 2017-09-07 10:01

I've recently setup a basic Debian install and have the machine connected to an APC UPS via USB.
apcupsd has been installed and configured to shutdown the machine once battery level goes below 50%, I've tested it and it works fine.
What I'm missing is I want the UPS to shutdown/hibernate once the machine is shutdown, so when power returns the machine will start back up again.
I've read I need to use Killpower command, but I'm unsure where to use this.

Inside etc/apcupsd/ appcontrol I see:
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echo "UPS ${2} initiated Shutdown Sequence" | ${WALL}
${SHUTDOWN} -h now "apcupsd UPS ${2} initiated shutdown"

This seems to be where the machine shutdown is initiated, is this where killpower needs to be?
Obviously I don't want the UPS shutting off before the machine is shutdown, so I'm not sure if killpower needs to be in the halt/shutdown script instead?

Any help is appreciated.
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