Gwenview printing.

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Gwenview printing.

Postby vydla » 2017-09-12 12:35

Hello, I would like to change option when sending file to print from grayscale to color and use color as default, I tried to edit /etc/cups/ppd config but it wont change in gwenview. My cups is set to print in color but I have to always manualy change option in Gwenview to color from grayscale. Thank for help
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Re: Gwenview printing.

Postby arochester » 2017-09-13 09:28

Do you have system-config-printer installed?

System-config-printer is a GUI written in Python using GTK+ to
configure a CUPS server. Its primary use is to configure the printing
system on the local host, but can also be used to setup a remote

In terms of features, it aims to be as complete as the CUPS web
administration tool, while being integrated to the desktop.

Do you have Print Settings in your menu?
Start Print Settings.
Your printer should appear as an icon.
RIGHT click on that icon.
Choose Properties.
Click on Printer Options.
It should show Output Mode.
Change that as appropriate.
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Re: Gwenview printing.

Postby vydla » 2017-09-18 17:02

Hi my problem is when I send file to print from gwenview I must manualy change color mode from grayscale to color all the time. I want to have color mode set as color all the time. I know how cups is adjustable, but I dont know how to change it in gwenview because I do a lot of printing and I browse my files in gwenview. that is my question. And I also think when I installed debian stretch I edited ppd files to use A4 as default and use photopaper as default. It is possible I change edited something in gwenview also. In previous version of debian I have never had this problem with gwenview, color mode was allways set to color.
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