rebuild lost bootloader flash scenario

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rebuild lost bootloader flash scenario

Postby dongtac » 2017-09-15 17:14

What's every one of your name along with what nationality are you currently presently?

Zarosh Khambatta Eggleston. I used to be born in California and half my blood stream originates from India.

Do people obtain the name mistaken for Roche and Jarosz, who skate in Hillcrest? what size skateboard for 10 year old

Yeah, you'll find three people.

Where have you ever develop? What type of stuff did you have to skate?

I elevated in Monterey Bay I merely bombed plenty of hillsides and visited Derby park in Santa Cruz just for fun on saturday.

Who're the skateboarders you are influenced by?

H-Street will be a big influence, 5.9 crew round the Colonial, and many types of bridge trolls.

The skateboards you ride are often bigger than standard plus you've got rails inside it. Is always that what you've always ridden? They seem to obtain recent results for you.

Nine inches always, then one frontside rail. Still running old-fashioned Gullwing like Ben Schroeder and dudes from Florida?

I rode Gullwings for just about any few years. I like the groove, but my last set bent as well as the axle fell out. I ride Independents now.

Tight or loose trucks?

Loose is faster.

What's your chosen type of terrain to skate and why?

Under bridges or bombing hillsides no bullshit sport kooks, just pure rip ride. Washington Street may be the finest concrete in Cali.

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Hitchhiking has already established me all over the place I've been--up minimizing free air travel Coast, all over the Colonial and Colonial, to Colorado a few occasions, minimizing to Baja and back. It's the simplest way to travel, because you begin going nowhere. Every ride you obtain is kind of an added bonus trip.

Got useful tales from hitchhiking?

One morning I automobile in Newport, Rhode Island, carrying out a extended night. Cleaning it once a to hitchhike on holiday however was believing the eight-track player I used to be transporting around was holding me back, therefore i walked in the highway just a little to relax. Then I heard someone calling my name using the shrubbery. I looked towards the street which truck had stopped.

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What about trains, ever visit individuals? How To Buy A Good Quality Complete Skateboard For Beginners

The first time I leaped a freight I used to be likely to Colorado. I obtained in the highway somewhere in Arizona and discovered an eastbound train. If this slowed lower enough to leap on, three other dudes left the shrubbery right alongside me therefore we all leaped on one vehicle.

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What's the farthest you've skated with a skate place or anywhere?

Maybe 10 miles. Skating is faster when compared with bus in Hillcrest.

Where are you currently presently outdoors of the usa on skate journeys?

I've visited Baja a couple of occasions. After they sent me my passport I visited London without real reason in the heart of winter. Next I came across an affordable ticket but got on the flight to Goa, India, for just about any week.

What music can get you hyped to skate?

Hightower live, top quality reggae, plus a mix tape.

How was India? Have you ever find everything to skate?

India was mind-blowing. I continued to be as of this place referred to as Sk8goa there's a swimming pool there with rock coping that's shaved round. That place rocks !. The Tibetan servants who offer you tea and sweep the pool skate too. Gunpo is probably ripping at this time.

Working spinning signs? Reveal relating to this job.

Man, it's pretty lame. You just hold this massive sign all day long lengthy. But skaters are really excellent sign spinners if it is possible weird boneless where your board spins around both hands.

Which sponsors support your skateboarding and travels? what size skateboard for 10 year old

Deathbox skateboards, Autobahn wheels, and Dekline footwear.

Plans for Zarosh soon? Camping and hitchhiking, or are you currently presently investing in a Vehicle?

It's all about carpooling, man. One less vehicle.
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Re: rebuild lost bootloader flash scenario

Postby p.H » 2017-09-17 07:56

The simplest way to create a new boot flash drive is to clone the existing one with a command such as :
Code: Select all
cp /dev/sdb /dev/sdc

assuming that
- sdb is the original boot drive
- sdc is the new boot drive
- sdc has the same capacity as sdb or bigger
- /boot and anything else on sdb has been unmounted

This has to be done again after each kernel, initramfs or bootloader update.

Or do you want to rebuild a new boot drive if you do not have the original one any more ?

I assume you use GRUB 2 (grub-pc) as the bootloader.

/boot basically contains two parts :
- the GRUB part in /boot/grub
- the Linux kernel part in /boot

Most of the GRUB part in /boot/grub is written by grub-install.
The config file /boot/grub/grub.cfg is written by update-grub.

Most of the kernel part in /boot/ are part of the kernel-image-{version} package installation.
The initramfs file /boot/initrd.img-{version} is written by update-initramfs.

Note that you do not need to put all /boot on the boot drive. You can put only /boot/grub, so that the kernel files remain on the main disk.

As you can see, most of the contents can be rebuilt with some commands. But the kernel files (vmlinuz-{version},{version}, config-{version}) come directly from the kernel-image package and cannot just be rebuilt.
You must either keep a copy of this files (actually only vmlinuz is used in the boot process) or retrieve the kernel-image-{version} .deb package file and extract the files from it with dpkg-deb -x.

Also, when formatting the new /boot partition, you must set the same UUID as in /etc/fstab so that systemd won't complain about the missing filesystem.
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