Trying to run Systemtap

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Trying to run Systemtap

Postby proj964 » 2017-09-21 14:49

Debian Wheezy
Systemtap v1.7
debug symbols are: linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64-dbg
There is an example file: tcpipstat
when I run tcpipstat index=rport *.*.*.*:*-*.*.*.*:53
then I get this error msg:
ERROR: Build-id mismatch: "kernel" vs. "vmlinux-3.2.0-4-amd64" byte 0 (0x15 vs 0x08) address 0xffffffff8135e198 rc 0
WARNING: /usr/bin/staprun exited with status: 1
Pass 5: run failed. Try again with another '--vp 00001' option.

I have read a lot of posts, mostly older, and the whole thing makes no sense to me.
Have run out of things to try. If you have any ideas, please be specific as I am only an
occasional linux user. Thanks.
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