ksmserver-logout-greeter screw-up

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ksmserver-logout-greeter screw-up

Postby Turtletronic » 2017-10-07 17:37

Again an unreportable error in Debian 9.1 64 KDE: just had an update cluster of 124 items (my system was up-to-date this morning, so go figure). As I was finished with my work I wanted to log off and was confronted with a "ksmserver-logout-greeter" error message I would have expected to find on a WINDOWS infected machine: "you can't report this error as ksmserver-logout-greeter does not provide a bug reporting address" ...


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Re: ksmserver-logout-greeter screw-up

Postby pendrachken » 2017-10-07 23:55

So look for / file a bug report on the ksmserver git page or at KDE.org, or the Debian bugtracker. No need for a hand holding email address in the app crash reporter.
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