Apt (or something) eating up all HD space every day

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Re: Apt (or something) eating up all HD space every day

Postby debiman » 2017-11-09 17:37

^ of course.
but, assuming it performs familiar apt tasks, i wonder how it can "fill up all hd space"?
simply checking for available updates, that shouldn't take any hd space at all?

i just checked.
Code: Select all
cd /var/cache/apt
watch du -h &
watch ls -al

around 400MB altogether, most of it in archives subfolder.

now in another terminal
Code: Select all
apt update
apt upgrade

during every update, the /var/cache/apt/*.bin files get recreated.
during upgrade, there are some changes in archives - the value first goes down significantly, then goes up again, and because there were some updates this time, settles on a slightly higher value (first 412MB, now 424MB).

kurros, you might want to repeat this troubleshooting.
how full is the partition?

my wording was a little unfortunate; i am NOT the OP, i just tried to get a better view on the situation by performing similar tasks on my own machine.
in the end we still need to know what the apt-daily scripts actually do.
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Re: Apt (or something) eating up all HD space every day

Postby pylkko » 2017-11-09 18:24

I don't think that it can easily fill up an entire empty disk. However, if you are running a system with a partition too full to begin with then it is different. Also, it much depends on whether or not you are running a standard Debian stable install or not, as the packages do not change much (only, often very small security patches). However, as we well know, more than a few users out there add all kinds of third party repositories and try to use testing as a rolling release etc. The downloaded packages cache size will also vary depending on how many packages you are using. So I can imagine other situations where it might be more severe.
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