Buggy rendering of mouse pointer after hibernate

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Buggy rendering of mouse pointer after hibernate

Postby ronlut » 2017-11-04 07:59

Hi all.
I'm on Stretch, (9.2.1), having bumblebee-nvidia installed (laptop with GeForce 840M).
I hibernated my laptop and then when powered on, the mouse cursor rendering became super weird.
Description of the weird things happening, as I can't really explain otherwise:
* Sometimes I have a trail of half pointers following my mouse
* When right clicking, the pointer covers a square part of the first option in the menu
* Sometimes I get a lot of pointers just blinking in random places on the screen and my pointer dissapears

When clicking, it registers the click in the right place.
Also, taking a screenshot for example cleans all the problems until I move the mouse again.
I'm guessing it's something with the rendering as functionality is ok.
About the connection to hibernate - I'm not sure but it didn't happen before.

How can I diagnose the problem and solve it?
Thanks in advance!
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