NetworkManager & connman

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NetworkManager & connman

Postby thammr » 2017-11-17 01:24

I recently installed Debian 9 on my old PC. The internet access was working fine. I was looking for software to display the wifi signal strengths and found cmst. I installed this and completely broke wifi and internet access.
After lots of research, I became convinced that connman was installed along with cmst. So I disabled the connman service and rebooted. Now I consistently get a wifi connection but no internet.
I discovered that /etc/resolv.conf was a link to connman's resolv.conf. So I deleted the link and created a link to NetworkManagers resov.conf.
Now I have internet.
Problem is, every time I reboot, something is setting this link back to connman's resolv.conf.
Any idea what is causing this - connman is NOT running.
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Re: NetworkManager & connman

Postby Bulkley » 2017-11-17 03:24

May I suggest that you purge both of those and use
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# iwconfig wlan0 | grep -i --color signal

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watch -n 1 cat /proc/net/wireless
8 Linux Commands: To Find Out Wireless Network Speed, Signal Strength And Other Information
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