[SOLVED]KDE system sound jumps audio to 100%

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[SOLVED]KDE system sound jumps audio to 100%

Postby Wheelerof4te » 2017-12-24 21:13

I have a minor but rather irritating problem with sound on Debian 9 KDE. Whenever I disconnect charger from my laptop, it plays a system sound that jumps all other sounds to 100% volume. I have found out it's an old bug, and someone suggested editing PA deamon.conf file and changing flat-volumes to "no". I am asking here if someone had the same problem and how did you solve it?
EDIT: Nevermind, good old wiki has all the answers, as usual:
https://wiki.debian.org/PulseAudio#Soun ... s_too_loud
I also found a solution to my other sound problem involving distortions.
I'll leave this topic open for others to look into the same problems.
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