Debian VM with Parallels space zero

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Debian VM with Parallels space zero

Postby Chaklader » 2017-12-27 02:06

I'm a new user of Linux and installed a Debian 8 VM with Parallels in a MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro has 256 GB space and I have given the Debian 128 GB space (half). I installed only a few apps which should not take a lot of space. I started to get the message that the desk space is very little and needs to delete some apps soon.

I deleted few apps (e.g Skype) but I don't have much there except IntelliJ and Slack. At this point, it encountered a login loop of the machine where I put the correct password and it loops me back on the same screen. I speculated this due to the space reason. I entered in the shell (CNTR+ALT+FN+F3) and I can get the visual mode with startx both as user and the root.

Now, it says the computer has only 0 bytes disk space available. I run the command "df -h" and find a FileSystem namely "dev/sda1" is has the size of 121 GB is used 116 GB.

I read somewhere that automated processes can fill up spaces. is that correct? What can I do at this point?
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Re: Debian VM with Parallels space zero

Postby dilberts_left_nut » 2017-12-27 09:05

Use 'du' to find out where the space is used. ('man du' for usage).

Likely culprits are /var/log & /var/cache/apt/archives

I like 'ncdu' for a nice interface, but you would likely have to install it, and without space, you probably can't...
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