Debian Problem

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Debian Problem

Postby LLL » 2017-12-28 22:15

Today in the morning I booted my Debian 9 normally everything was fine.

I was experimenting with path variable and .profile and .bashrc files (yes I was setting a path to my path variable) first I didn't know that I was supposed to edit the .profile instead I was editing the .bashrc file I succeeded there shortly after realising I was editing the wrong file.

I hopped onto the second file and started editing, while I was doing it I was constantly checking if I did it correctly I was logging out and in for like 5-6 times until I verified and finally fixed all my errors (was not sure how to set new path variable properly so I had to check multiple times and I was also having Dolphin the file explorer open and image viewer opened at that whole time).

After all, I decided to reboot and this is where it gets fussy and confusing, I login into the machine and find out that everytime I boot Dolphin and the image viewer are just like automatically opened already kinda like I had set those two programs to run at startup which I obviously didn't...

After a while i decided to let it be like that and later i was installing MySQL,apache2,php for a website that I made a long time ago... After this I left my computer for some time and I came back only to be even more confused when I realise my keyboard and mouse aren't working this way there's no way that I can wake up my monitor from sleeping,

I tried taking out the USB and plugging it back but it didn't work, I also tried shutting down my computer with a button but when nothing that I listed worked I decided to turn off the switch from the back of my computer and turn it on after like 5 minutes. Then I started my computer logged in again but again that Dolphin file explorer and image viewer automatically popped in as I logged but this time the error was worse. There was no network connection (no eth0, and yes my ethernet cable was connected to my computer and to my router). It disappeared like it never actually existed I tried ifconfig -a but only localhost shows I tried restarting network-manager. I tried restarting my router, unplugging everything and plugging it back but still yet nothing.

I would be grateful if somebody could help me get back on the internet and also get rid of other problems I specified above... Please reply to this.
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Re: Debian Problem

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-12-28 23:40

So, Why don't you just use the back up you made before you started doing all
of this , and restore the working system you had originally ?
Oh, no, don't tell me, you didn't make one.....
And why not just use the copies you made of the original files, before editing them,..? Oh no, you didn't do that did you ?

by LLL » Today in the morning I booted my Debian 9 normally everything was fine.

So why did you start editing those files ?
This is not a Debian problem, the problem is PBCAK . A very common problem.

Please reply to this.

Are you sure you want me to continue ?

Finally, how do you expect any one to be able to help you when you do not even show us copies of all the files you edited ?,(if you even remember for sure what files you edited) there is a small chance someone could then see what exactly it is that you did wrong, in those files.
Just think, if you had just saved copies of the original files, all you would need to do is use them, since everything was working fine before you started butchering your own system.
---snip--and finally fixed all my errors ---snip--

No you didn't, this is obvious because nothing is working properly any more.
This will be interesting, I don't see how any one is going to be able to help, so I am looking forward to seeing what solutions are posted. My thoughts are the easiest thing to do is re-install, and hope you have learned something from this.
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Re: Debian Problem

Postby 02ebz06 » 2017-12-29 01:19

A word of advice...
If you are going to muck with files that could potentially keep you from logging in, have two sessions open and only log out of one for testing.
That way you are still logged in and can undo what you broke.
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Re: Debian Problem

Postby kedaha » 2017-12-29 08:32

If it's a question of files in the home directory then I suggest you create a new user and then you compare the edited files with the defaults. But if you've also mucked up any system files, then it'll be more complicated.
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