Filezilla (client) on Debian 9 / Keyboard input issues

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Filezilla (client) on Debian 9 / Keyboard input issues

Postby Particle » 2018-02-04 00:08

I've noticed that Filezilla doesn't seem to fully work on Debian 9. Specifically, some keyboard input doesn't work in the program's user interface. Backspace and arrow keys don't seem to ever work. Enter/return seems to work sporadically. Regular letter keys work fine.

My testing suggests that this even happens on a fresh install of Debian 9 without any pre-existing preferences file for Filezilla. Does anyone know what might be the matter?
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Re: Filezilla (client) on Debian 9 / Keyboard input issues

Postby Smirftsch » 2018-07-18 07:34

Reviving this older topic, it appears this problem still exists (using Buster / Mate). However, also other programs appear to be affected. Noticed the same strange behavior in PhotoFilmStrip and in some CodeBlocks dialogue windows.
Filed a bugreport about it, but if someone is having more ideas about this, let me know.
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