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Fantom VPN

Postby oui » 2018-02-07 11:41

I have a question concerning probably more the European users, because the permissiveness to travel and change the country to find new jobs (or study) often has as a consequence to bump against previously unknown boundaries on the field of use of the own culture because of GEO-blocking of trading or media (directly or indirectly, I mean indirectly if only extremely expensive solution of shipping, sending, like suscription for extremely long periods like full year etc. are offered.

Avira, well know because of the advantageous virus scanner, makes actually, where the European Union will abolish the Geo-Blocking :idea: , for a Fantom VPN.

Is such a Fantom VPN really needing?

Are not equivalent technical solutions available at Debian?
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Re: Fantom VPN

Postby Justin417 » 2018-02-07 22:14

To answer your core question, yes an external VPN service would be required and is not included in Debian. There are tools and programs to access VPNs that work with Debian, but the service itself is not included.

This is because Debian is the actual operating system itself, that runs locally on your computer. VPNs rely on servers being run by companies remotely. This is how VPN companies are able to bypass geo-blocks, because they actually have physical servers at the physical locations. VPNs are not a service local to the machine, they require 3rd party infrastructure.

If you were asking if Avira's VPN service works on Debian, it seems they only have native Mac and Windows clients. However, they do have a chrome plugin that would work with chrome on Debian (source:

If you want a service that runs native (not just in a chrome browser), I know of a service called purevpn:, they have full support for Linux.
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