Install a package + all dependencies from source only?

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Install a package + all dependencies from source only?

Postby Argus » 2018-02-19 00:21

Hi everyone,

I thought I might explain / approach my problem from a different angle. I have a number of systems running different architectures (armhf v6, armhf v7, arm64, amd64/x86), all running debian stretch.

I'd like to be able to install packages offline across all of these systems from a USB drive. The debian DVD images make this possible: the whole debian repos won't fit on a flash drive, but because the packages in the debian DVD images are sorted by popularity, I can download the first few DVDs and have 80% of what I need.

However, I've got a few problems:
- It becomes difficult to fit so many architectures on a single, even very large, usb drive.
- One of the architectures doesn't even have precompiled binaries in the debian repos.

It would really be nice if I could just download the source packages and compile everything, including dependencies, from source in a nice automated fashion, like Gentoo or the BSDs tend to do. Is this possible with Debian? I know how to install packages manually, but it always depends on apt-get build dep, which requires both binary packages and an internet connection, both of which (particularly the latter) I wish to avoid dependence on.

I've also tried compiling manually all of the dependencies from source, but after an hour of chasing endless trees of dependencies and getting caught up on packages here and there that wouldn't compile, came to the conclusion that this was madness. :mrgreen:
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Re: Install a package + all dependencies from source only?

Postby Pybash » 2018-02-21 23:08

Uhm, if there are really no binaries available for that architecture, you may found a new public repository ;)
And maybe other people will help..
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Re: Install a package + all dependencies from source only?

Postby stevepusser » 2018-02-22 00:27

Which of those architectures is not in the Debian repos? It might just have a different name than what you expect. ARM v7 is armhf, for example.

If you don't need every single package in the repos, you should also be able to set up a local repo on a flash drive, populate it with what you need, and then have your systems use it. All you need is a Packages file in the repo that the systems can access, and a "deb file:///path/to/repo" line in the system's sources.list . I have one on my system that my pbuilder setups can access, and the Packages file get automatically updated with a hook script for pbuilder. I just drop debs into the folder and then remove them when no longer needed.
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