Install VMWare Perl SDK on Debian 9

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Install VMWare Perl SDK on Debian 9

Postby Patrigo » 2018-03-01 09:04

Dear All

I try to install VMWare Perl SDK 5.5 and I also tried 6.5 on Debian9 so I'm able to monitor it over Nagios.

But the installation always fails with:
Openssl-devel is not installed on the system.
openssl-devel 0.9.7 is required for encrypted connections.
Please install openssl-devel version 0.9.7 or greater.

e2fsprogs is not installed on the system
e2fsprogs 1.38 is required for UUID.

Please install e2fsprogs 1.38 or greater.

I googled it but couldn't find a solution. First of all I can't find openssl-devel anywhere to install and second when I do apt-get install e2fsprogs, I get the message that I have already have the newest one installed.
e2fsprogs is already the newest version (1.43.4-2).

Any idea what how I can make it work?
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