python multiarch installation problem

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python multiarch installation problem

Postby badfish99 » 2018-03-05 11:26

I'm running a 64-bit aarch64 machine on which I've installed 32-bit python:armhf in order to use a 3rd-party library which is not open source (yes, I know, I'm sorry).
If I try to install the python-requests package (which is architecture-independent) via 'apt-get install python-requests' then apt-get wants to remove all my python:armhf packages and replace them with the aarch64 equivalents.
Is this bug in the packaging of python-requests? Is there a way to persuade apt-get to install it? I've tried reading the multiarch documentation, but it's not very obvious what should happen.
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Re: python multiarch installation problem

Postby makh » 2018-03-15 22:54


try chroot/schroot... it may help.

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