Can't acces windows NTFS disk

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Can't acces windows NTFS disk

Postby degufrajer » 2018-04-06 01:15

Hey, I've put NTFS disk from windows 10 machine into my debian 9 one, mounted the disk but when I try to access it this error pops up:
Tried first 5 relevant things google spat out, didn't help.
EDIT: I can access the files, eg when i search for them
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Re: Can't acces windows NTFS disk

Postby jibberjabber » 2018-04-06 01:35

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Re: Can't acces windows NTFS disk

Postby pylkko » 2018-04-06 08:21

you can also do this: open terminal window. access the disk like you did, then immediately after that type
Code: Select all

you need to be root on Debian for that to output anything. then look at the last about 10 lines of that output. what does it say?
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Re: Can't acces windows NTFS disk

Postby debiman » 2018-04-07 10:50

do these special czech characters work usually?
have you tried renaming the directory to "skola"?
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