VDR channels.conf help

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VDR channels.conf help

Postby jamessmith260996 » 2018-04-16 03:20

Hi, I'm currently setting up VDR on my Debian testing system. My TV card is a Hauppauge HVR 5525 with both dvb-s and dvb-t tuners, so I would like to map say BBC1 on both tuners to say channel 1, BBC2 channel 2 etc. Does anybody know if you can mix tuners for a single channel with VDR?

I know Tvheadend and MythTV both do this but I have been running Tvheadend for a while and a little tired of the poor timeshift and Mythtv is overkill for my needs.

I know I'm probably missing something obvious in the VDR wiki so any help would be appreciated.
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