Squid3 installed on cloud vps doesn't connect

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Squid3 installed on cloud vps doesn't connect

Postby Revale » 2018-04-20 08:54


I have a cloud vps with debian 8 and installed squid. I want to use the clouds ip address in my Firefox browser.

For squid installation I used this tutorial: https://github.com/hidden-refuge/spi/wiki/Usage

Squid installed without any problem and during the installation process I entered a username and password.

After that I set up the ip address and port number in Firefox (Windows 10).

When I open Firefox now a small window appears to enter username and password.

When I enter it and hit ok then the window closes and opens almost immediately again asking for username and password again.

This goes on forever.

Some weeks ago I did the same process with another cloud server. This one works without issue.

As both are set up the same way I have no idea why the new one doesn't work.

Any ideas?

P.S. I'm a newbie in Linux and not very familiar with commands in the terminal. If you need me to do
something please also give me the command. Thanks.
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