Live CD netboot cdc_ether not loaded

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Live CD netboot cdc_ether not loaded

Postby kovacsadam07 » 2018-08-03 17:58


Currently I have a working pxe environment where I can boot Debian 9.5.0 with iPXE. Now I'm experimenting booting without a NIC using a Pi Zero W as cdc_ether device. The kernel and initramfs loads and starts booting but it can't find the cdc_ether device. I tried create a new initramfs within the Live CD adding usbnet and cdc_ether to /etc/modules and running /usr/sbin/update-initramfs.orig.initramfs-tools -u but it is not working. How can I add usbnet and cdc_ether to initramfs? Should I do anything else to make cdc_ether work at boot time?
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