Has any programmer advance-configured pico2wave?

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Has any programmer advance-configured pico2wave?

Postby bkpsusmitaa » 2018-09-03 15:17

man pico2wave is a very short file.
Has any programmer advance-configured pico2wave? Beyond its default capabilities?
I have reached up to this step, but not this step.
Only that this file:
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mentioned to be in:
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that says:
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is rather in
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with the said line, i.e.,
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and has to be edited to:
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I have installed the necessary package, libttspico0, and can have pico2wave read from CLI, for instance:
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 pico2wave -w lookdave.wav "Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this." && aplay lookdave.wav

I can also use the following script (attached) for a very small file:
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./speak.sh "$(cat hello.txt)"
, if I have the small hello.txt file in the same folder as the script file. There is a # of Character upper Limit for the txt file.

The speak.sh file being:
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# How to Use this script to read a txt file?
# Then run it with the desired text:
# speak.sh "hello world"

# or read the contents of an entire file:
# speak.sh "$(cat <filename>)"

echo "./speak.sh \"\$(cat filename)\""
pico2wave -l=en-US -w=/tmp/test.wav "$1"
aplay /tmp/test.wav
rm /tmp/test.wav

But I can't alter pico2wave -'s sampling rate to 48000. It only samples at 16000Hz.
Any suggestions?
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