Palemoon in debian

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Re: Palemoon in debian

Postby NorthEast » 2018-11-24 02:24

None1975 wrote:
NorthEast wrote:firefox won't add on an ad blocker, but palemoon is fine with one.

You can use NoScript.

Thanks for that one ... I shall look into seeing if it can do what I'd like it to.
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Re: Palemoon in debian

Postby 4D696B65 » 2018-11-24 03:00

NorthEast wrote:[ I have not been able to add any adblocker to firefox after following my nose through the steps: GetAddons>FindMoreAddons>AdBlockers>{click on any adblocker}. Then I choose one, and hit "Add to Firefox", but nothing happens and no adding-on is made. That's it. In the distant past I have been able to add an adblocker xpi file to firefox by downloading that file separately, and clicking on an option in firefox to do the adding-on of that xpi file, which worked then, but I can't see how to do that from the gui interface now. Current version: 60.3.0esr-1. I am certainly open to suggestions, but meanwhile Palemoon has been good for me.
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Re: Palemoon in debian

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2018-11-24 08:46

Ah, that's a transitional package — Debian have moved from the xul-ext-* packages to webext-* instead: ... ock-origin

Good news indeed! :)
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