Multi-OS flashdrive encryption

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Multi-OS flashdrive encryption

Postby Laadna » 2018-09-30 14:10


I mostly use Debian and other unix OS (DSL, Bunsenlabs, Ubuntu). I still get a Windows dual-boot for gaming purpose (and unfortunate rare buggy events where Windows is, if not the only solution, the easiest one). However, most people I know, friends or co-workers, use only Windows environment. Most of the time, when it gets to give or receive files I prefer the flashdrive option. I always carry one, on which I have, among other things :
- portable firefox for windows with synchronized data (including passwords), in case I have to connect to the Internet on a computer with unsecured web browser (such as a non up-to-date one). As I do not really need synchronized data (I know by heart my nomad-useful passwords), I could simply wipe any personal datas and tweak this version of firefox to always start on anonymous mode (or even replace it with a tor/firefox one) if you can point out a solution that works well for regular files, but not for this kind of data ;
- personal files such as resume (with mail and email adress and phone number), passport and diploma copies ;
- working projects that could be used to bother me and friends if someone really wanted to (not enough to blackmail, just for mean people to enjoy) ;
- other sensitive files and informations while I am carrying them from or back to my place or to someone else's (the range of threat if those files are exposed could go from an uncomfortable moment to ruining someone's life).

Even if it never happened so far, I could some day lose this flashdrive or being stealed. My threat model is a random guy finding the flashdrive or snatching it from me and trying to exploit its content. As I am using the key on a large number of computers, the solution should not rely on installing any kind of software on the computer I'm plugged to (except my own for setup purpose). It should be quick to encrypt/unencrypt (because in some situations I cannot stay for a long time in front of the computer). It is even better if it can prevent unexpected writing on the flashdrive (such as a malware copying itself on the flashdrive).

Thank you :)
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Re: Multi-OS flashdrive encryption

Postby debiman » 2018-10-01 06:27

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