Chrome fileupload shows only system disk

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Chrome fileupload shows only system disk

Postby Auvo » 2018-10-08 19:26

When using Google Chrome and trying to upload a file, for example to add an attachment to email, the file upload pop up window shows only the Debian Drive. I can access to root folders, but /media/user is empty. It happens only when using Chrome; when using Firefox I can access all my drives. But looks like Chrome uses KDialog for file upload, which could be the issue. Or it may be Chrome issue, but I don't know how to find it out. In my system, I have the OSes installed on SSDs, and then I have bigger, conventional hard drives for all my data. And this is why it pisses me out every time; I have to switch to Firefox or manually copy the files from data drive to Debian drive before uploading.
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