Extra typographic characters with 3rd level chooser key

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Extra typographic characters with 3rd level chooser key

Postby gvnbm2018 » 2018-10-09 11:47

Hello everyone. I'm new to Debian and to Linux as well. Previous distributions that I have used were Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Both allowed to set a key to choose 3rd level characters and enable "extra typographic characters" in keyboard settings. Now I've installed Debian (Jessie) with LXDE, and can't find a way to set up this behavior. I've looked for solutions on the internet, but other than setting
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in /etc/default/keyboard or
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setxkbmap -option lv3:ralt_switch

in the terminal nothing can be found.
Even these options don't let me enter extra typographic characters.
How can I achieve it?
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Re: Extra typographic characters with 3rd level chooser key

Postby Segfault » 2018-10-09 13:59

I use very lean setup, no GUI configuration tools of any kind, I use xmodmap to set up my keyboard. Traditionally xinit parses ~/.Xmodmap. Below is mine as a sample.
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~ $ cat .Xmodmap
keycode 133 = Mode_switch
keycode  13 = 4 dollar 4 cent
keycode  24 = q Q otilde Otilde
keycode  26 = e E EuroSign cent
keycode  30 = u U udiaeresis Udiaeresis
keycode  32 = o O odiaeresis Odiaeresis
keycode  38 = a A adiaeresis Adiaeresis
keycode  39 = s S scaron Scaron
keycode  40 = d D degree
keycode  52 = z Z zcaron Zcaron
keycode  58 = m M Greek_mu
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