urxvt and clipit

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urxvt and clipit

Postby morgon » 2018-10-09 16:24


I currently looking at urxvt to replace gnome-terminal and I quite like it, apart from one problem that I cannot find a solution for.

I can easily paste into all applications (including gnome-terminal) from clipit, but in urxvt it does not work.

If I pop up the clipit selection and choose something to paste, nothing happens in urxvt.

Is there a way around it?

Is there another clipboard-manager that would work with urxtv?

Many thanks!
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Re: urxvt and clipit

Postby debiman » 2018-10-09 18:20

i've been using clipit with urxvt for years.
this is what my preferences look like:
http://dt.iki.fi/stuff/forums/clipit-prefs.png (sorry the connection is a bit slow, but it will show up evtl.)
urxvt uses the primary selection. you can paste with Shift-Insert or middle-click.
highlighting copies.
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Re: urxvt and clipit

Postby morgon » 2018-10-09 19:38

Thanks your your reply.

However I don't quite understand it...

I know that you can paste into urxvt with middle-click or shift insert, but that is not my problem.

What I want is to select an entry from clipit and have that pasted into urxvt in one go - just as it works in gnome-terminal.

Even with your clipit configuration it does not work for me.

Of course it is possible is to select in clipit (that puts it into the clipboard) and then do an exta shift-insert in urxvt to have it pasted, but that is not what I want.

I want the behaviour I have with gnome-terminal:You pop up clipit, make a choice with the mouse and that gets pasted without anything extra into the application.

From a little bit of googling this behaviour should be possible with a perl-extension script.


The way this appears works in gnome-terminal is that clipit sends a Ctrl-V to the application, which in my configuration is mapped to paste in gnome-terminal.
Alas there is no way in clipit to configure another key-sequence.
So I guess my question is really: How can I make urxvt to map Ctrl-V to paste.
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Re: urxvt and clipit

Postby morgon » 2018-10-09 20:20

Ok, I got it (should anyone care):

This needs to go into .Xdefaults:
URxvt.tabbed.no-tabbedex-keys: true
URxvt.keysym.C-v: eval:paste_clipboard

the first line disables the key-bindings for the tabbing (I don't need them as I get my tabs from termux).
The second line maps Control-v (which clipit sends) to paste.

End result: A selection you make in cliptit is pasted into urxvt.
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