logs (dropbear, no syslogsomething)

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logs (dropbear, no syslogsomething)

Postby Frl56//dCV » 2018-11-16 12:06

Hello guys,
First of all here is an overview: I run gnuroot on a phone to let the codes runs at night, I don't know where dropbear put the ssh logs and I would like to run fail2ban to use this 'server' over the internet.
here is few informations may be useful :
I dont have syslog or rsyslog, no auth.log file, no var/log/messages file
I have something called logwrapper running which I think is useless for me (seems to be an android thing).
/var/log content is [alternative', apt, bootstrap', btmp, dmesg, dpkg', fail2ban', faillog, fsck, lastlog, wtmp]
I can see my sucsessful logs (ssh) or kind of in the file wtmp. ie connections, user and time.
-debian 8- (no X)
So my question is where the hell (can I say that?) goes dropbear's ssh logs ?
Thank you for reading.

PS : I apologize for my poor english if I did some mistake, don't hesitate to correct me / ask any question you feel useful.
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Re: logs (dropbear, no syslogsomething)

Postby Frl56//dCV » 2018-11-17 15:54

no one ?
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