Stability of Debian

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Re: Stability of Debian

Postby ramblin » 2018-12-06 22:58

After playing around with Debian for several years I finally got serious and installed it on a very capable machine. That was 5 months ago. I jokingly asked "does it ever BREAK ?" I stream content 8-10 hrs a day, plus surf, email, buy, sell and just about anything else you would do. I do occasionally shut it down. I have yet to come upon the first issue. IMO, it is the most stable operating system I have ever used !
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Re: Stability of Debian

Postby None1975 » 2018-12-07 14:04

ramblin wrote:IMO, it is the most stable operating system I have ever used !

Nice post!
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Re: Stability of Debian

Postby milomak » 2018-12-07 18:42

i've finally come to a point where i chose debian as my distro of choice.

but even in that i chose sid. i can't quite remember why i made this choice some more than 10 years ago. my suspicion is that it is related to aptitude.

as much as debian is my go to distro, i can honestly say i had no issues with ubuntu, suse, gentoo, archlinux and slackware in terms of stability.

in any event, a distro is only as stable as you make it in my opinion.
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