interaction between two programs (Webdav + Banshee)

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interaction between two programs (Webdav + Banshee)

Postby jalisco » 2018-12-12 16:39

At some point, I must have installed a program on my computer to function as a Webdav server, perhaps part of my nextcloud installation, or some other service. I can't name it, specifically, because it's not running, clearly =) But, I have a webdav that mounts automatically in Files, file manager.

I can dismount it, and periodically, it will remount itself. I can't give more information, because it seems to run in the background or something. I installed it to sync some desktop elements with mobile (calendar, tasks, etc).

Anyway, on it's own, it works 99% as it should. It allows, wonderfully, the syncing of contacts, calendar, tasks, etc, between desktop and mobile phone.

Now, enter the Banshee music player. On it's own, it also works 99% of the time, without issue.

The problem occurs when I have both running, at the same time.

If the cloud is mounted, it causes the music player to stop responding, and I have to quit it. If the cloud re-mounts itself, at any point, eventually, the music will again stop responding. If I dismount the webdav mount, and re-launch the music player, it works again.

In sum, they both don't work at the same time.

It bears mentioning--if it matters--that my music is on an adjacent HDD, that also has to be mounted, prior to playback.

How would I troubleshoot this issue?

What could the factors be causing this misbehaving??
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Re: interaction between two programs (Webdav + Banshee)

Postby bw123 » 2018-12-13 03:08

I don't use either, but in general I would try creating a new user account and see if it happens on a fresh config. Then somehow convince yourself to find out what programs you have installed and where they came from. If they aren't both from debian stable repo, then I'd report the bugs and look for support where they came from.

If they both are from debian stable repo, then documentation and bug reports might help. Could be a known issue in one or both?
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