2 encrypted HD's necssary to prevent hacking if use WIN?

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2 encrypted HD's necssary to prevent hacking if use WIN?

Postby debian121212 » 2019-01-07 03:11

Does two hard drives prevent hacking into Debian 9.6 if you dual boot windows to play WoW with full bells and whistles? Encryption and everything on the Debian. Do I need to encrypt the Windows? Does 2 ssd HD's prevent hacking into Debian from Windows allowing Bios access or other exploits?

Is this truly 100 per cent safe with having 2 hard drives or can someone still kill your other hard drive with the BIOS through windows? Maybe even do something else Dont think he should bc EXT4 and NTFS compatibility? Not a computer tech.

I use Debian and want to play WoW with the absolute best. The Debian drivers arent the same as Windows, its obviously rigged so that you cant play it on Linux. I tried already, dont debate me on that.

Whats the best way to play WOW full graphics without a Windows Computer? Emulator, which sucks compared to a separate HD.
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